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Siding Replacement & Repair Raleigh, NC

We are a siding repair and replacement company located in Raleigh, NC. As a complete siding installation contractor, we are dedicated to offering a wide range of features and options that fit your style, needs, and budget. At each appointment, we evaluate the condition of the siding to help determine how much siding requires replacement and offer options to help control cost.

We understand, that not everyone is in the market to replace the entire house siding. Sometimes, only the bottom half, a single side, or an area such as a roofline needs repairing. Our services range from complete replacement to smaller siding repair projects.

Additional siding replacement options help to airtight your home, increasing efficiency while also keeping unwanted moisture, bugs, and pollen from entering your home. Our recommended wall sheathing, optional rain screen systems, and housewrap options may be among the wisest home improvement investments you make!

When we re-trim the exterior of your home, we recommend using materials that will undeniably last a long time. PVC, fiber cement, and cedar are the longest-lasting and most natural-looking materials that will match most of your existing trim perfectly.

From cedar shakes, board, and batten, to beveled siding, we will help protect and add a modern and natural look increasing the value of your home and adding beauty neighbors have never seen! Let’s get started!

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Fiber Cement Siding is fire resistant, dent resistant, water-resistant, and offers pre-painted baked-on finishes that will last twice as long as conventional paint. There are various combinations of siding and trim options available by HardiePlank and Allura. Ease of use, durability, and versatility makes it one of the most used and best materials available. 

Vinyl and Aluminum siding are also low maintenance materials. Vinyl siding is a great way to add protection with a budget in mind, while aluminum adds more cost and is more susceptible to dents. These two materials may be suitable applications in unique instances.

Cedar Siding is a natural siding material that has several natural benefits. Cedar siding is also one of the most expensive siding options. If you have a barn or cabin-style home, cedar offers a realistic and genuine reveal unmatched. 

Masonite Siding replacement accounts for most of our replacements. For this reason, we do not install masonite siding.

PVC Trim is the absolute best exterior trim material that you can put on your home. The profile and look are identical to wood, paintable, and last longer than any other trim material. 

House Wrap is a crucial element to airtight and protecting your home. However, it’s essential to distinguish and understand that it’s a water deterrent, not a water barrier.  

Wall Sheathing is the genesis of perfect siding installation. OSB and plywood sheathing will increase structural rigidity, airtightness and offer a solid surface for seamless house wrap installation. Wall sheathing also increases the effective R-value of a home. (Nominal R-value is different from effective R-values.) 

We are siding experts that offer the expertise that you deserve!

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We will transform your home into what you always dreamed of.