Top 5 Siding Reveals For Siding Replacement

There are so many different kinds of home siding types, styles, and options that sometimes deciphering which is best can be tricky. If you are in the market for siding replacement, research can be pivotal to choosing a siding type that looks great and will add to the overall decor of your exterior facade. 

Whether you are researching siding information within a siding manufacturer’s website or getting information from siding replacement contractors, chances are you are receiving recommendations that don’t tell the whole story. 

Here we will touch base on five different siding reveals that you may not have heard of. We have descriptions, illustrations and share insight on where these siding styles are most suitable. 

Let’s take a dive into this together and see what inspires you most. 

Lap Siding Replacement Configurations


The most common siding style is lap siding. This kind of siding is most commonly used in homes here in the US for its ease of installation and versatility. 

Lap siding comes in a variety of sizes and appearances. Siding board sizes ranging from six to twelve inches offer a wide range of application options. 

This style of siding also offers different exterior reveals and profiles. Wood-stamped options make the siding appear to be natural wood. There are also smooth versions that provide a clean and more modern look. 

Another option is beaded siding. Beaded siding is offered in smooth with a bead or stamped wood that also includes a bead. 

Shake Siding Replacement Options


Everyone likes cedar for its natural look, resistance to pests, and pleasant smell. Cedar can be used as roof and siding shingles but has lost its allure due to newer less expensive composite materials that offer a similar appearance requiring less maintenance. 

Some cabin-style homes may contain shingle siding on all exterior walls. While most modern houses primarily apply shingle siding as added texture to accentuate and accent a front gable, for example. 

While not quite as many, like lap siding, shingle siding provides a few noticeably different options. 

First, there are smooth, and texture finishes. Secondly, there are also different materials makeups. There are fiber cement, vinyl, composite, and of course, real wood options. 

Board & Batten Siding Installation Placement


With the growing popularity of more modern and clean home designs, it’s to no surprise that board and batten siding is more commonly used than ever. But understanding good placement and ideal applications is key to best utilizing this style of siding.  

The board and batten siding is best used on large walls commonly found on larger homes. Like cedar siding, board and batten is also an excellent option for gable accents. However, if you are considering this style of siding for your entire home, be sure to have a clear and concise design concept that matches the look you are trying to achieve. 

Board and batten siding can offer a barn house like feel when paired with accommodating colors. When using natural wood options, board and batten can add elegance and charm like no other siding!

Shiplap Siding Modern Application Options


Shiplap siding arguably is one of the cleanest siding styles available. It can transform a home that appears dated into a seemingly sophisticated design emulating an Architectural Digest-inspired home.  

Besides the sleek look of shiplap siding, the installation is also advantageous with vertical, horizontal, and diagonal options. This kind of siding also provides tighter tolerances than traditional lap siding. In turn, shiplap siding increases the efficiency of your home by limiting airflow without completely restricting air from entering between the siding and wall sheathing.

With the smooth reveal and slightly beveled edges, shiplap siding can be used for whole-home siding, porch ceiling, and so much more! James Hardie’s Artisan collection offers unique shiplap patterns that will not disappoint!

Channel Rustic Siding Availability & Natural Look


Channel Rustic siding has changed over the years but remains to add a distinct look matched by no other siding. But this kind of siding has its drawbacks.

Channel Rustic siding size changes have made it hard to match existing siding for necessary siding repairs over the years. Just over 25 years ago, Channel Rustic came in a 5 3/4 reveal. These measurements indicate the siding face measuring 5 3/4 inches and do not include the gap by the subsequent siding above or below.

To reduce costs and partial sawmills planned obsolescence, pine and cedar Channel Rustic siding is now milled smaller at 5 1/4. There are only a few companies that stock special order sizes ranging up to 5 3/4 inches. 

Like shiplap siding, Channel Rustic siding can be installed vertically, horizontally, and also diagonally. However, the rough natural wood texture makes this siding style perfectly suitable for homes within wooded or natural areas that desire to preserve and maximize a natural wood look.

This siding reveal is not recommended if you are looking for a modern look but can offer a unique flare for other applications. 

Choosing Siding For Your Home

With growing composite siding materials and options offering a natural look and requiring less maintenance, it’s a tough sell to install anything other than a composite siding for most homes. 

Aside from compositions, there are a lot of siding options available in today’s market. Knowing what your options are and discerning what’s most important will reduce angst and the tendency of being overwhelmed. 

Choosing a particular siding merely because it is predominantly used in your area does not make it supreme or optimal for your specific situation. It is also critical to remember and consider how your new siding installation will mitigate future potential maintenance such as re-painting, replacements, and failures. 

Call or contact us for your siding replacement needs, and we will provide knowledgeable recommendations and installations that not only look fantastic but provide lasting durability. 

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