Everlast Composite Siding Compared to Alternatives

In today’s market, building materials are a hot topic. As a siding replacement company, we are excited to introduce a composite siding that has revolutionized the industry of home siding. 

Everyone has heard of cement siding, but today we will look at the advantages of other options that you may have overlooked. Let’s dive into the world of siding while leaving the primary siding manufacturers out of the equation for once. 

Suppose you have not heard of Everlast Composite Siding? In that case, you may be in for a treat because the introduction of premium composite siding is finally here and is brought to you by Everlast

Let’s continue and see what the noise is all about!

An Introduction to Everlast

Vinyl siding has a history and stigma of being considered cheap. In many cases, siding contractors such as ourselves would have to agree. But in the world of home construction, technologies are constantly changing. So, glossing over composite siding because it contains plastic would be an oversite. 

Like other composite materials, it’s imperative to purchase the premium versions, which usually means entirely capped, thicker, non-scalloped, and all of that jazz. 

But as it pertains to Everlast, you don’t have to worry about all of those details because they are branded and aim to supply one superior exterior siding alternative that adds value to your home and lasts a long time. 

Let’s dive into some of the details.

The Composition of Everlast

To start, one of our first initial impressions was the thickness or gauge of the siding itself. The siding measures approximately 1/4 inch thick. That is impressive! To put it plainly, it’s not your everyday vinyl siding. In fact, there is a distinguishable difference!

Everlasts’ claim to fame is its materials science. The “materials science” quoted directly from their pamphlets involves a C-Core process. C -Core is a process of a mineral-enriched composite substrate. This process helps retain color and adds fortification, enhancing the siding and making it nearly impervious to moisture. 


Since Everlast is a composite material, it will not crack, blister, swell, delaminate and will last decades before it ever needs painting. This product hands down provides the least amount of maintenance of any product offered in today’s market! 

How Everlast Compares to Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is also considered a premium siding material, but it has its drawbacks if not installed correctly. 

It’s widely known that fiber cement will delaminate if cut edges are not sealed and primed. Siding installers that are not certified are slowly coming to terms with the added steps of a proper fiber cement installHowever, most siding repair and replacement companies are still installing incorrectly. 

Where fiber cement truly excels is fire resistance.

Everlast also comes with a slight learning curve as it relates to installation. But comparatively, it offers a built-in clip system on the siding that helps installation and adds dimension. 

Eliminating maintenance, especially related to moisture, is an undeniable advantage that Everlast has achieved with conviction. There is no delaminating or water absorption when it comes to Everlast siding! 

This resistance is especially advantageous in temperate climates containing high humidity, frequent rainstorms, or higher dewpoints.

Here is a shortlist of additional advantages:

  • No Painting or Caulking Required
  • Impervious to Water
  • Resistant to Fade and UV
  • Never, Splits, Warps, or Expands
  • Insect Resistant
  • Withstands High Winds
  • Withstands Constant Moist

Everlast Siding Installations & CostsĀ 

Compared to other vinyl siding offers, Everlast is one of few companies that has aimed to produce a premium product and places that interest over price. 

If you are convinced to look for a cheaper siding option for whatever reason, Everlast will likely not be your product of choice. So, be prepared to pay a slight premium compared to budget vinyl siding options. 

Installation costs are very similar to a premium cement siding install, although the product itself is more expensive than pre-primed non-painted siding options. When comparing non-painted siding, don’t make the mistake of overlooking the necessary added cost of present and future painting!

Now, if you have not done your homework, these explanations and descriptions will not mean anything to you. It is essential to compare prices specific to your market for a proper cost comparison. 

As it pertains to installation, for a seasoned siding installer Everlast is very similar to vinyl siding. The EZStack interlocking system guarantees smooth, level, and properly spaced cladding while providing an improved weather-tight seal and limiting siding rattle.

There is little to no expansion within butt seams and expansion joints. The seams of the siding are also minimal and very discrete. From an installation standpoint, the stainless-steel joining brackets located on every seam really stand out as a premium option. 

Say so long to caulking or gaping expansion joint maintenance! 

Siding Style Options

Lap siding has been around for a long time and seems to never go out of style. Everlast has two clapboard style siding sizes, 6 7/8 and 4 1/2. Both sizes are offered in over 15 colors!

Board and batten options are also available to meet the look of your choice. The one-piece design makes the installation of board and patten designs a breeze!


Your complete siding project is in good hands with Everlast! From corners, J-channel, lineal, and more! There are also matching trim colors available to compare or contrast your siding colors of choice.

Our Final Verdict

Don’t be influenced by a complacent siding company’s recommendation against all forms of plastic siding. In most cases, there are vested interests behind strong resistances. Whether the reason is lack of knowledge, experience, or inconvenience, a siding company’s opinions can often get skewed. 

Although a composite siding option may not be viable for all homes and circumstances, it’s undoubtedly refreshing to see a new introduction pushing technological limits while reducing future potential siding maintenance costs. 

Since this product has not been available on the East coast for very long and is a relatively newer introduction, chances are, very few people have this form of siding on their homes. Therefore, the market test is still in fruition.

This new siding is expensive and would require a complete home exterior siding and trim make-over but is very promising and maybe the future to home siding solutions, which could stand improvements anyways. 

If you are ready to sample this excellent cement siding alternative, give us a call at 919-823-9070 today!

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